Executive Chef @ UOP | Zulma Rodriguez

Chef Zulma is passionate about travel and has visited over 15 countries searching for flavors and inspiration for the menu at University of the Pacific.

When in a new place she loves to live like the locals, learn about their culture, where they live, and especially what they eat! She completed culinary University in her beautiful hometown, Palmar Chico, Mexico which she has fond memories of and an attachment specifically to Mexican cuisine. Posole is her very favorite thing to prepare, join us in the cafe where you can try a new version of Posole every Thursday! When she is not traveling or dreaming of whipping up her next global menu, you’ll find her watching movies or soccer with her 7-year-old son Zahir.

Do you have a favorite dish from your hometown? Let Zulma know, she would love the challenge of finding a way to recreate the flavors of home right here in the cafe!